Jennifer taught my daughter for a year — my daughter was ready to give up flute until she met Jennifer. Jennifer was always encouraging and supportive, plus timely, friendly and communicated well with me. She truly was one of the best music teachers I have ever seen.

– Tara N., Parent

When I began studying with Jennifer over a year ago, over the course of several lessons she listened to me play, asked questions, ran some ‘tests’, and determined what I was lacking in the foundations of playing the flute.  Jennifer took me back to the basics and started rebuilding my understanding of music and the flute.  She understands my interests and tailors lessons to build on those interests.  Jennifer is always positive, always supportive, and often surprises and delights me with a sight reading or theory exercise in the middle of a lesson.  She will challenge me with questions and expect me to work out the answers.  Progress has been rapid, and my tone development, sight reading, and rhythm are coming along better than ever before.  Jennifer is fun, witty, approachable, and very serious about developing an enjoyment for the journey of making music.  I am constantly astounded by her command of the flute when I hear her play in public.  A very good teacher who I recommend to anyone of any age and skill level.  Thanks, Jennifer!

– Al R., Student

I began lessons with Jennifer after having had six years of prior experience on flute. It was a fabulous transition. She greatly enhanced my playing techniques, patiently helping me to refine my tone, articulation, range, understanding of musical form and emphasis, and practicing skills. I never had too little to work on, and so had to truly commit to practicing (which could be a challenge since I was an involved high school student). Jennifer expanded my repertoire of performance pieces, etudes, and scale patterns; I especially enjoyed working through the movements of La Flute de Pan by Jules Moquet toward the end of my lessons with her. Jennifer was a wonderful, positive, and supportive teacher (while also expecting me to work diligently on my part), and offered me a highly professional, meaningful learning experience on flute.

– Sarah V., Student

My preteen daughter took lessons with Jennifer for over a year before she moved out of state. Jennifer is patient, kind, and is able to coach and motivate students to do their very best. My daughter’s confidence and ability improved greatly with Jennifer’s teaching. We highly recommend her!!

– Renee W., Parent

Jennifer was a flute teacher of mine for about six months, back in 2014. At that point in time, I had no classical flute background, and she put me right to work, with a lot of focus on breathing, facility and tone. She isn’t afraid to make her students work hard, and that was exactly what I needed.  Jennifer is a phenomenal player and teacher, and she propelled my own musical career forward in a deep and meaningful way. I eventually took a music minor in college, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the training she gave me. Jennifer and I live in different states now, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would love to take lessons from her again.

– Jesse L., Student

Jennifer was an excellent flute instructor for our daughter-professional, capable, and able to motivate an occasionally reluctant performer and practicer. We were sad when she moved, but she found an excellent replacement instructor!

– Anne M., Parent

My daughter took lessons from Jennifer the year before heading off to college. Jennifer challenged her and helped her prepare for all the college entrance auditions. She was tough but loving and made Belle want to do better… I highly recommend her!!

– Alyssa F., Parent


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