Jennifer taught my daughter for a year; my daughter was ready to give up flute until she met Jennifer. Jennifer was always encouraging and supportive, plus timely, friendly and communicated well with me. She truly was one of the best music teachers I have ever seen.
– Tara N., Parent


Teaching Philosophy


I believe every flute student has the ability to succeed with hard work, a love for music, and dedicated guidance.  Whether striving for acceptance into an honor band, preparing for a big audition, or simply wishing to get back into the flute, I welcome and encourage students of all types to my private studio.  I want flutists to reach their individual goals and become their own personal teachers.  Students should leave each week feeling empowered and in charge of their own learning.


Because every student learns differently, lessons are a time for exploration, discovery, and improvement.  I encourage students to tap into their creative potential by exploring different types of music and connecting this music to other interests they may have, such as art, reading, math, or history. I want my students to not only be outstanding musicians, but also well-rounded individuals who are curious and inspired by the world around them.


In my studio, I hold my students to high standards, and we always cover scales, technique, etudes, and solos. These are the foundational skills of a great flute player. I also discuss strategies regarding physical and mental health as part of playing the flute.  We talk about the importance of stretching and taking breaks as well as tackling performance anxiety with tried and true strategies. Semester studio recitals are a great way for us to show off our hard work and happen every fall and spring. We often have a chamber group that gets together to put on concerts throughout the community.


Flute lessons are fun, engaging one-on-one experiences that bolster student confidence and make music enjoyable. By being involved in the community, students learn what it’s like to be connected with their peers and their city.


Students are expected to provide their own flute and purchase any materials as needed, including sheet music, method books, metronome (or metronome app), and music stand.


If you are interested in private instruction, please contact me.

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