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Looking for flute lessons?

You are in the right place! My name is Jennifer -- I play in the Spokane Symphony, and I have been teaching flute lessons for 15 years.

Whether you are looking to start from the very beginning or you've been playing for years, we can work together to reach your goals and have FUN while doing it!

Our studio is full of GO-GETTERS who are up for the challenge (All-State, Spokane Youth Symphony, State Solo/Ensemble, first chair band members) as well as GENUINE, music-loving humans who are assets to the community.

Explore this site, and I hope to hear from you!

I had no classical flute background, and she put me right to work, with a lot of focus on breathing, facility and tone.  She isn't afraid to make her students work hard, and that was exactly what I needed.  Jennifer is a phenomenal player and teacher, and she propelled my own musical career forward in a deep and meaningful way...I would love to take lessons from her again. - Jessie L., Former Student

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I strongly believe that everyone takes flute lessons for different reasons–some more serious than others.  I strive to meet you wherever you are and craft a plan that helps you enjoy lessons and meets your playing goals.

  • I’ve had very driven students prepare for competitions and auditions, participate in All-State and the Spokane Youth Symphony, and work on college audition recordings. I’ve also had students who just want to get better at the flute for fun.  Maybe they need extra motivation to keep practicing because band class is too easy or too hard. Other students start with me from the beginning and want to make sure they don’t learn any bad habits.  Adult students come to learn or refine a new skill, using music as a break from their normal jobs.  

  • Regardless, flute lessons are meant to be a meaningful extracurricular activity that teach you the love of music. Whatever you need, I’ll be there to help you!

  • Most students start learning the flute around age 10 or when they have their first band class in 5th/6th grade. You can certainly start earlier, and I’ve had students as young as 7 or 8 years old. For smaller or younger students, there are flutes available with curved headjoints that make it easier to hold as well as other beginner-friendly lightweight options.
  • Weekly flute lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long, depending on age, level, and motivation.

  • Young beginner students start at 30 minutes and intermediate students start at 45 minutes, while advanced high school and adult students take 60 minute lessons.

  • You can’t get better at your craft unless you practice–plain and simple. Your goals, schedule, and other time commitments will determine how much you should practice for your lessons. We will take the time to go over your schedule and craft a practice routine that works for YOU.
  • Flute in good, working order with cleaning rod/cloth — There are many ways to get a flute, including renting from a local music store ($25-30 per month) or purchasing a new or used flute from a music store or reputable flute company (ranges $400-900). Ask me for recommendations and I will point you in the right direction!

  • Metronome and tuner — Either download a free/cheap app on your mobile device or purchase a stand-alone metronome.

  • Music stand for practicing at home

  • Any sheet music (method books, solos, etc.) that we decide to work on during your lessons.

  • My studio is more than just flute lessons–this is a flute program. You not only receive lesson instruction, but you also learn about music theory and music history, participate in studio events, create fun video projects, and play chamber music with other members of the studio.  This is all in addition to learning about flute technique, playing in recitals, preparing for auditions/competitions, and learning new music.

  • Lessons are charged on a monthly basis with the rate remaining the same from month-to-month, regardless of number of lessons (3, 4, or 5). It averages out to 4 by the end of the school year.

  • Rates

    • Monthly 30-minute lessons: $100

    • Monthly 45-minute lessons: $150

    • Monthly 60-minute lessons: $200

  • I teach Monday through Thursday afternoons and evenings, generally from 3:00-7:00pm.  I do not teach on weekends, except for the occasional makeup lesson or studio event/workshop.

  • Students take lessons on a weekly basis. Every other week or intermittent lessons are not encouraged due to lack of consistency. I’ve found that students who show up every week are more motivated, more driven, and more successful in their lessons.

  • If you are as excited as me to start your flute lessons, then shoot me a message HERE!  I will get back to you as soon as possible with my open days/times.